HEUER Am Karlsplatz
Treitlstraße 2, 1040 Wien
Mon to Fri 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 a.m.
Sat, Sun and public holidays from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 a.m.
warm meals served until 10:00 p.m.



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Contemporary interpretation of traditional qualities: this is HEUER’s main goal.

From the harvest directly to the table: Our ingredients come from over thirty-six different small farms and specialty brands. In selecting them, we pay special attention not only to regionality but also to production methods that spare resources and perfect ripeness at harvest. A good example is Ökolandgut Sonnenfeld: From there we get excellent organic vegetables produced socially-consciously, and thus indirectly support people with special needs.

Chef Stefan Koprax works with these carefully chosen products using traditional methods of preservation and preparation, such as canning, fermentation and smoking. The results thereof stand conserved on our shelving units: a variety of homemade juices, syrups, compotes, preserved lemons and pickles can be found there. Much of it, for example the cornelian cherries on our starter plate, is harvested from the wild.

Our fish comes from probably the best organic fishery in Austria. DIEfischBAUERN supply us with the finest organic arctic char from the spring waters of the Gössbach near Trofaiach in Styria. Fish farmer Daniel Braunsteiner has made it his mission to raise the elegant and sophisticated arctic char as naturally as possible. He has a strict no-chemical policy. Pure, ice-cold spring water, the best organic feed, ample space, the highest respect for nature: that’s how Daniel’s fish are raised, and you can taste it.

In the BAR, head bartender Katharina Schwaller expands upon our culinary spectrum: home canning and pickling are creatively shaken and stirred with top-shelf liquors. With a heavy emphasis on spirits and liquor as well as on verjus, herbs from Karlsgarten and other regional treasures, we’re reinventing sustainability. What’s more, for the first time ever, we’re partnering up with our kitchen to offer several cocktails with ‘Food Pairing Creations’. A selection of over 350 fine spirits from every continent of the world rounds off our bar’s range.

With KarlsGarten, the first Viennese research and show garden for urban farming, we’d like to give citydwellers a better understanding of natural food production. Verein KarlsGarten (KarlsGarden Society) exhibits on its approximately 2000 m² as many different (and preferably heritage) varieties of fruit, vegetables and grains as possible, organically cultivated using antiquated farming practices. Every year, urban farming is researched here in cooperation with universities. Our own bees, kept by Marian Aschenbrenner and Bienenzentrum Wien (Biezen), pollenate the plants. The honey that the bees produce is then used as a sweetener at HEUER. It comes full circle.

We are looking forward to take your reservation: reservierung@heuer-amkarlsplatz.com